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Our Definition of Iridium: something that makes you fit, happy and challenged through one-on-one training regiments with a dedicated professional trainer.

One-on-one Personal Training in Denver, with a professional who specializes in strength training and nutrition, and is dedicated ​to helping you achieve your fitness goals. 

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Iridium, by Scientific Definition: One of the planet’s most dense materials. A member of the platinum family, it is corrosive resistant even at temperatures as high as 2000°.

Stephanie Price, Personal Trainer, Denver, Colorado:

is an experienced fitness coach and lifelong athlete who knows what it takes to get in shape and make a long-term commitment to health. A former All-Conference college soccer player, she covers all aspects of fitness from the basics of cardiovascular fitness, strength training and nutrition for the beginner wanting to integrate a healthier lifestyle, to the athlete that wants to move to the next level. By combining fitness training with nutrition education, Stephanie’s clients are motivated to improve their physical condition and outlook.

Stephanie has a BS in Physical Education and is certified through NASM with a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist). She has a commitment to health and believes in continuing education to be the leading authority on fitness for her clients.

When not in the gym with clients or working out, Stephanie enjoys listening to music, reading, dancing and watching movies with her husband in Denver, Colorado.

Don’t worry you won’t get pushed to levels you are not ready for. However, you will be pushed to that “Wow, I didn’t know I had it in me!” kind of level.