"This is one amazing coach!"

​—Cy Cox 

I HIGHLY recommend Stephanie Price as a personal trainer. I've worked with a few trainers in the past, but Stephanie is, by far, the best.

She listened very carefully to my fitness goals and my explanation of past injuries which left me with physical limitations, and then designed a program perfectly for me. She was so patient and took things at a pace which allowed me to become comfortable as I started out, without feeling pushed too hard, but yet was very effective. Then, as my strength increased, she applied just the right amount of challenge that netted great results without ever being injured or feeling so sore I couldn't function.

I also appreciate that Stephanie genuinely CARES about her clients and never pushes a personal agenda motivated by her own financial gain. She has the utmost integrity and truly puts the needs and health of her clients first.
​—Marlyse Taylor


Stephanie takes her commitment very seriously to help people from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals. You can see the depth of that commitment in the healthy, fit bodies of her satisfied clientele. Please take a moment to learn what others have to say about Stephanie's training techniques.

"Training with Stephanie is exactly what needed, someone to hold me accountable, yet encouraging at the same time. She is mindful of my progress each session, keeping the workout fresh and progressive."

​​​—Gretchen Ritz

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"Steph is such a great trainer. If you want to get into the best shape of your life, she is your trainer!!! She cares so much about each client and forms a program for the individual. She gives a hundred percent in her training so please be ready to give a hundred percent back!"

​—Taylor and Matt Schreiber

"Stephanie took the time to listen to my concerns and goals and wrote a fitness program that fit my needs. I feel stronger and have more energy for daily activities that I thought I had lost as I aged. I enjoy the varied programs she puts me through, always keeping my body in a state of healthy building rather than letting it get stagnant in growth. With that said, she naturally keeps the workouts exciting as her individually designed programs changed to fit my current needs. Stephanie is careful to protect me physically, not pushing me too hard or too little. She also helps me move past any psychological barriers and restrictions I have put on myself that could have hindered my growth."

​—Vern Leverson 

" I have thanks to give to Coach Price. I have been a tennis player for Colorado Christian University the past three years. During the off season I was looking for a way to grow strong and fit for the competition ahead and Coach Price offered to help me out. She set me up with a nutrition and workout plan right away. Each training session she taught me a few different exercises and explained what muscles I was working. She was always mindful of and injury I've had and provided alternative exercises that I could do. Coach Price encouraged me to be the best that I can be. With Coach's help, I was geared up for the tennis season and more than that, I was given a variety of exercises that I could do at the gym. I no longer have to walk into the gym without a plan! So thank you Coach Price for the great contribution to my tennis career, and even more so for the contribution to my gym routine that'll serve me a whole lifetime!

​—Cassie Greco

"She is incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of physical fitness. Steph talked to me about my personal goals and really listened to my needs. She helped me reach my training goals in running by incorporating a solid weight lifting regimen that made me an all around stronger athlete!"

​—Sarah Harmon

" Steph is passionate about fitness and stretching our community. Top notch!"​

​—Eric Hindenburger

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"Steph did a great job training my kiddo (age 6). She had great patience and made it fanfare him!"​

​—Rhianna Klus Anderson​

Stephanie Price has completely changed my opinion on working out! Her attention to detail helped me get my body ready for heavy weightlifting through several weeks of personalized conditioning exercises, which strengthened my body to the point where I could do heavy weight strength training. I look and feel better than I have in years! Thanks for helping me achieve great results Stephanie!
–Eric Gupta

Contact Stephanie today, and start down the road to a new level of fitness!

Stephanie has been encouraging and patient. She has worked with me through preexisting issues to rebuild my strength and understands my off days and pushes me through. I have more strength and definition than I ever thought possible! It has been an amazing experience and can't wait to see even more positive results!

"By far the best fitness training and coaching I have ever had! Stephanie Price is top notch!​"

​—Dana Hansen 

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